Meet Sarah Rook

Creative lifestyle Photographer| Weddings| Portraits| Studio Work

Hi I'm Sarah, I love with a passion what I do and have
been a wedding photographer for 8 years.

I just love romance and stylish shots that capture the uniquely intimate memories that a wedding day brings. Sometimes its magical photography with the simplest backdrops and others its the much thought over details. I love that couples are now putting their own style into their weddings with a wink to handmade tradition.

Quirky weddings, personal touches and unusual locations make me tick.
My wedding photography is about capturing stylish, elegant images inspired from classic timeless elegance and emotions are the essence of my inspiration to press the shutter.

I just love pretty things flowers, textures, colours, lighting from decor to fashion it all adds up to a beautiful ambience.

With an artistic background photography has become my love, passion and ambition. With a keen interest in dance, art, fitness, fashion and modelling these contribute to helping me to achieve shape, style, atmosphere and most importantly a vision for a good photograph.

I set out to make some personal memories when I bought my first camera over 14 years ago and became hooked. After entering and winning several competitions it led me to being able to buy the camera I'd been dreaming of.

I turned my passion into a business in 2012 after loosing the love of my life to cancer. It was sink or swim and I threw myself into making him proud and being the best mother and photographer. Armed with emotions I set out into the world with a unique understanding of the importance of memories and I portray that into my photographs, this is never just a job to me its a privilige always looking for something special and always going the extra mile.

I have a very relaxed, natural style with a happy fun tone to my photography definitely with an elegant essence.

I was born in Rye, East Sussex and am now living near Hastings covering all surrounding areas and as a former stewardess I love to travel and am willing to toddle wherever.

My Mission

Capturing natural images of special moments as they unfold is a privilege that makes being a photographer very rewarding. Looking through the lens of a camera makes you see life in so much more detail it teaches us to be more aware of not only whats in front of us but the elements around us that contribute to this picture . My aim is to provide my clients with photographs that they will love and visual story telling thats holds those memories safe.

"A story held eloquently in a photograph in a single moment in time"