June 15, 2019

David & Lisa

I met David, Lisa and their children over a year ago when I visited their gorgeous home with views that any photographer would want to wake up to. Whilst chatting they casually slipped in that they were getting married in the local church in Burwash and the reception was going to be in the combine harvester barn across the field. How exiting I thought my brain was thinking this will be so cool !! We wandered across in our wellies for a viewing and talked about the glorious sunsets and the planning ahead. Well if in any doubt about the setting, pictured below was what greeted me on the morning of the wedding. Just superb, unique and very personal and I loved it.

20 foot curtains made by the brides mother wow what a task and how cool do they look such an inspirational wedding. Theses fire light markers looked great against the misty rain.

Vintage Mercedes for the transport to and from the church driven by proud dad on the way and grinning groom on the way back just so laid back. Boho chic and tussled hair Lisa looked effortlessly stunning gracing this special car.

So as we left the church it started to rain and the mist set in. Never one to worry about the weather too much it was time to go with the flow and use it to our advantage. While the guests were tucking into their food I decided to head off to get some shots of this awesome vintage car and the rain only made the shot cooler.

A small break in the weather allowed us to dash for it to get some cute couple shots. Huddled under umbrellas this little of piece of magic happened. So you just can never tell what a wedding day will bring and even though we was wanting sunset we got moody skies and one of my favourite moments of the year.

No sunset but who cares when you have this backdrop and its so nice to get something different it shows that you can only plan so much and every couples day is unique and capturing that is very important to me.

And at the end of the night we were treated to a surprise firework display (I was in on the surprise). I waited patiently with my couples standing place marked out with straw x ha ha. Then low rumbling music started to fill the valley what an absolute treat wouldn’t have missed that for the world. After a long day and just on time the clouds separated and the rain moved away this was just fab, fireworks and music blasting out across the nighttime skies gave me chills. Just before I left I walked the perimeter of the hole field to get photos of every angle for my family to cherish after they had put so much effort into their very personal barn wedding. I guess today its a farm machine shed again but the memories and the photos will be kept forever. I walked back across the field in my wellies camera gear becoming heavy and thought wow what a day!!!