September 26, 2019

Sam & Zoe

Zoe was the most passionate Bride and her vision of her wedding day photographs were high on her list of wedding excitements. You just knew this couple was going to be super lovely and after meeting for a chilled drink to go through the final plans a couple of weeks before, I was now eagerly anticipating their special day. Perfect weather topped off the tick list.

Flower filled meadows backdropped the epitome of a summer bride. I love this photo Zoe just looks so stunning.

Relaxed and enjoying each others company as a newly wed couple is setting the mood perfectly for some time together, o and me, to capture some romantic special moments. Always my favourite time of the day, its when I’m aiming for goosebumps moments too.

The finer details including the rings showcase all the past months of planning and much thought over decisions.

The importance of family was very obvious and candids were so easy to do as love, fun and celebration was flowing.