October 3, 2019

Ben & Joanne

What a strange year its been, it was boiling hot in March shooting weddings and here we are the other end of the year in mid September and its like summer was hanging on to give us one last full blast of sun.

Capturing getting ready with the girls in the gorgeous Hale Barn was perfect, large, spacious and full of country barn gorgeousness definitely one of my favourite getting ready venues and with the guys just across the road in the characteristic farmhouse made it easy to flit between the two.

Rustic country cottage adorned with wedding day preparations on a very sunny morning couldn’t be more exiting. Every nook and cranny providing a natural picture. I mean how cute is this little mans suit just hanging there to keep it crease free. He’s going to be one of the boys thats for sure.

Audi’s were playing a very big part in this wedding from cufflinks to wedding transport to the page boy driving (well not driving more remote controlled driving) up the aisle and of course the photographers car (mine) also an Audi so I fitted in very nicely ha ha. So when you ask the groomsmen to throw their coats on the car you gulp a bit and have a rethink but no they were all out for a photograph.

This lovely venue has beautiful grounds with sweeping willows, open fields and stone walls surrounding the main house and chapel. How perfectly this marquee by James Marquees Ltd nestles into it. Being that Ben works for the company setting up this one must have been extra special. Having said that the groom himself and the groomsmen had already been very busy earlier that morning putting up a marquee for another wedding the same day, funnily enough a wedding just 2 miles away where my son was filming. Doesn’t that just show the dedication, does work not even stop on your wedding day.

Such a pretty characteristic venue you wouldn’t even know it was there. Otham Court in East Sussex offers a very special and unique venue with its own chapel and holds only a few weddings a year. Ben and Joanne wanted somewhere different where they could put their own stamp on their day.

Sun dropping, drinks flowing, change of pace and time to get those cigars out. I do love this tradition even if it takes some doing to get them to light always good for bringing out the cool man shots and the banter. Just got to be done hasn’t it. Never enough lighters (note to self bring a lighter in your pocket, my photographers list is growing of ‘be prepared things’ ).

So when I ask one of the drivers if we can borrow a hat he goes the full hog he doesn’t only offer his hat he gets straight in there for his moment of fame himself. Do love it when all wedding services are all on the same page and make the moments fun. Hats off to Falcon cars.

Naturally enjoying each others company during the couple’s special photography time is the secret ingredient. These two just took it in their stride the planning had all come together and with a few hints and subtle direction here and there we captured some beautiful moments meanwhile the guests were being entertained by Alexander James magician who breezes into weddings with his top personality and mind boggling tricks. Usually it’s the first time of the day to just breath, relax and enjoy the moments.