Chesca & John

June 18, 2022

Bridesmaid in pale blue dress doing up the shoes of a flower girl who is sitting on the bed

A very warm start both with the weather and family greetings to an amazingly wonderful day getting ready with Chesca and her girls.

Sprivers mansion a beautiful country house tucked away in parkland in Kent was such a tranquil haven to fully indulge and it really felt like it was home for the day.

The bridal entourage were filling the room with excited chat, perfume and excited vibes, it never ceases to give me a buzz and start the creative flow. Pale blue dresses hanging like guests around the Brides gown like a regal timepiece on a dressmakers mannequin. Every detail looking so perfect !

Row of flower vases with white, red and green flowers on a windowsill
Wedding bouquet laying on a wall in the evening light

The moment the make up and hair artists have worked their style a quick brides squad photo and the affectionately named ‘flappy hour’ begins

Bride and her bridesmaids sitting in a group on the bed laughing

A minute to breath

Flower girl stealing the limelight in natural light just for a second as I walked by like a frame from a film.

It’s these kind of shots that stop me in my tracks, watching what is going on around us not just in front of us.

Dad and his daughter bride walking up a path to the church
Bride holding her son in her arms under her veil

When two become three and the ceremony couldn’t possibly happen without all being together and honestly this little boy was so happy to be taking part in the most special day for them all

Bridesmaids bouquets in a church pew

back view of two well dressed wedding guests in church
Wedding couple in close hug looking at each other in the gardens of Sprivers Mansion
Flower girl sitting at a table in the marquee surrounded by green and white floristry
Bride and her sisters in a matching pose with arms on hips smiling

Let the partying and adventures begin.. we did it !!

Bride and groom and bridal party with smoke bombs laughing and joking walking
Bride and groom with their baby son in their arms walking their dog in front of Sprivers Mansion in Kent

Congratulations Chesca & John

Life awaits your future of Adventures and Love !