Meet me, Sarah Rook

Creative lifestyle photographer/ Weddings/ Portraits

Hi I'm Sarah, Welcome! So here is a bit about what took me on the road to being a photographer of nearly 9 years.

I guess you never know what life will throw at you or where it will take you I truly believe photography found me.

I grew up with horses, a love of music and a keen interest in fashion. I left school with high ambitions to travel and was lucky enough to get a job at Heathrow with BA in reservations later moving on the persuing my dream of being an air stewardess with Dan Air. 

I set out to make some personal memories when I bought my first camera over 16 years ago and became hooked. Soon I was finding models, setting up shoots, photographing motorbikes, out at sunrise with a flask of tea and chasing storms. After entering and winning several competitions I was able to buy my first professional camera.

I turned my passion into a business in 2012 after davastatingly loosing my amazing man to cancer. It was sink or swim so I threw myself into making him proud and being the best mother and photographer I could be. Armed with emotions I set out into the world with a unique understanding of the importance of memory making. For me photography is something beautiful that gives to so many people on so many levels, creating, feeling and holding memories forever.

Quirky weddings, personal touches and unusual locations make me tick. 

I was born in Rye, East Sussex and now live near Hastings covering all surrounding areas but as a former stewardess I love to travel and am willing to toddle wherever.

If you are wanting trust and dedication I will bring my 'A' game and make you smile 

Sarah x